Protected: Worklog #2 – Flash read external source on v(^_^)v

Ok.. today a bit big day since i discover how the flash can read external source on v(^_^)v. feel relief but this is a good progress since readability test Worklog#1. but hey i’m busy with other things too.

so the trick is flash on psp cant read directly on the specified current directory. in this problem.. i’ve put the text1.txt as the same as scrollbar.swf .. when click the psp does shows the load symbol but will stop sooner.. that’s bcoz psp cant find the file.. so the solution is to put file:/foldername/text1.txt .. and it works. furthermore this scrollbar is dynamic so i can do much more features on this worklog.. hehenow the software can have scrolling dynamic content… sweet.

Oct 2006

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