25 things in raya

1.successfully drive in PLUS below 130kmj ( you’re being watched – polis )
2.still got duit raya from close relatives
3.bring my phoebe and present the things i develop ti my grandparents and thier feedbacks was good.
4.got half of packets of mercun bola… still tak habis
5.got a new raya clothings ( sepasang baju raya melayu ) after 4 years didnt change
6.able to give duit raya to close relative also.. \m/ ^_^ \m/
7.able to understand some of jawa spoken language – my father drive sambil cakap bahasa jawa while i try to translate it.
8.for the 1st time raya in kedah i hv to rempit to masjid with brother. ( since the car isnt spacious enuf to include both of my grandparents.
9.my grandmother asking when i’m gonna get married … /swt
10.captured a pics of accident of police punya pajero terbabas. they hv caused jam for nearly 5 km’s CIMG01182.jpg( the pics blurry coz taken using casio what and the police are watching and dont want ppl to take thier pics )
11.before we heading back to tanjung karang, selangor, we receive hamper.. wohoooCIMG00282.jpg
12.not so much raya convoy coz most of friends hv going abck to thier univs n college.
13.spend one week away from home… to my father village ( tanjung karang,selangor ) and my mother village ( bukit tangga, kedah )
14.i’ve tested KLG – Kuai Lek Chi – Happy Chicken at Changlun, Kedah. it was a new outlets in Changlun. KLG is a chicken restaurant ala2 KFC.

15.KLG hv WIFI…. whoa…

16.KLG cashier girl told me that their stores for the time this post was written is only within kedah, penang, and perak.last 5 month i think i saw one ot KLG signboard in Perak.
17.thier service is not so nice… but since probably they didnt get proper training or thier outlet manager aren’t experienced.. well ppl in changlun eat ayam kampung more then ayam suntik. so it was acceptable.
18.i give feedbacks about thier service just wanted to talk once again with the cashier girl… hahahhahah
19.on the way back, we drop by taiping, to pray and eat. i’m driving that time and gladly still remembered all the roads in taiping. it was rainy.
20.the kedai kain fiona actually was a two storey store of junk food that i sell back in taiping. remember me keropok bika?

CIMG01022.jpg and at the same building got bookshop..

21.last time in taiping that bookshop just one lot now it hv grown bigger to two lots.
22.the pusat computer helmi is still there.. the early place i train my counterstrike with ekhsan .CIMG01062.jpg
23.the nasi kandar 24 jam still there. and this fruit stall hv grown bigger.. last time only use zinc roof.. now they have proper building.. the bsn hv sold to hyundai. ahahahaCIMG01122.jpg
24.gotten myself a new dark blue vest so i can wear for photo shoot if any
25.bought chocolates for my brother and sisters..
that’s all. now got idea for my FYP.. hehe

Oct 2006

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

To all who celebrate hari raya, wishing you selamat hari raya aidilfitri.. and accept my apologies of what i’ve been doing all in this life eversince you know me. i didnt hv any ecards for you guys.
tomolo will heading back to kedah.. but will singgah in tanjung karang..then most probably sunday will be heading to kedah and will go through Perak’s mainroad. a bit worried to drive coz now more speed trap and my P licence will end on next december. after that it will be a full licence. no need to worries anymore.. hoho. so ppl from kedah.. comelah to my grandfather home at bukit tangga,bukit kayu hitam. hehe

ok peeps. wishing you a cheerful selamat hari raya aidilfitri.. maaf zahir batin. makan jangan ikut nafsu. jangan lupa puasa sunat enam hari dlm bulan syawal. . 😀

Oct 2006

Protected: Worklog #3 – 1 Down, 29 more to go

wohooo… it takes around 12 hours to do the scripting and also inserting the content. hv sent test version to zufar and azim and awaiting for thier reply. tomorrow gonna show this to IU Cyber member and want to see thier feedbacks.. after this is a hard way to go buy indeed a good progress. hv thinking to end to psp-fans.net for test it but i decided until the apps reaching 60% completion i’m not gonna leak this to other person.

Oct 2006

Protected: Worklog #2 – Flash read external source on v(^_^)v

Ok.. today a bit big day since i discover how the flash can read external source on v(^_^)v. feel relief but this is a good progress since readability test Worklog#1. but hey i’m busy with other things too.

so the trick is flash on psp cant read directly on the specified current directory. in this problem.. i’ve put the text1.txt as the same as scrollbar.swf .. when click the psp does shows the load symbol but will stop sooner.. that’s bcoz psp cant find the file.. so the solution is to put file:/foldername/text1.txt .. and it works. furthermore this scrollbar is dynamic so i can do much more features on this worklog.. hehenow the software can have scrolling dynamic content… sweet.

Oct 2006

Team of RedesignMalaysia ( at the office lah )

Gonna Redesign Malaysia.jpg

ok the most noticeable one is of course Josh Lim. and from left to right is DinG, Muizz Sigup, Sabau, Gladys and me.. with the deviruchi hat. hahahahah. Gila ape.

Well this picture was taken by Charles F Moriera, a tech journalist who writes for Mobile World and Surf Magazine.Ok so i think my picture will be in that magazine and have to buy it.. hahah. i think 2 times i appear in magazine which is another one is Gempak( or isit starz ? ) for MMU Emina Cosplay Competition ( i’m not cosplay-ing ).

Click Here to view the Article taken from Mr Charles F Moriera Blog Next Gee

Oh.. internship ends. still left 3 weeks to trimester 2 and i still didnt have anything to think for my Final Year Project. several ppls hv comeup with ideas and such and i still didnt think of any. “-_-

Oct 2006