first day of fasting.

last year fasting month, i’m helping my uncle selling sugarcane and other juices and drinks at taman kosas stall a.k.a pasar juadah. i only help him for 3 weeks before viz-one solutions invite me to do physics courseware at telekom smart school. the 3 weeks works of selling drinks and sugarcane teaches me a bit of tips to sell drinks and also how to sell sugarcane freaking fast… but always.. if there’s rain.. then the sell will not be much enough. but last year.. we have tebu MAWI, dadih MAWI, kuewtiaw MAWI, sup kawah MAWI, and macam2 MAWI last year.. this happen coz got one lady come sell VCD MAWI and suddenly all the sellers being provoked and promoted thier foods using MAWI name.. hahahahhahaha… i join also.. for fun. and i dont admire Reality-TV artist.

so the first day of fasting, i bring anum to Pasar Juadah Bukit Indah. same as previous years.. streets full of foods… so we went to differents stalls as anum want to buy kuih-muih but she didnt find what she like. [ her taste is like me.. always go for pelik/rare/seldom eat/jarang makan tp dia makan bukan habis pun … ] but got one thing now.. they sell Nasi Ayam INA, Bengkang INA, Dadih INA, Rojak INA, popia INA.. when they shouted.. waw.. last year MAWI then this year INA… [ again i dont admire a tempias artist of reality tv ]

funny eh… i wonder next year is what… and i remember i think two days before rosh put his ym status – “harga brg naik sket dah merungut.. duit habis wat afundi ngan sms on panas takper plak”


Sep 2006

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