The Ramadhan Strikes Back + Puasa +

ok.. in about 2 weeks more muslims will facing the fasting month.. one of the pillars ( rukun ) in islam.. well… in this 2 weeks women pls payback ur leftover fasting ( the actual word = sila ganti puasa yang tak berbayar lagik )  and yes.. FOR MEN AS WELL!!!

Fasting month is a month that have been awaited for muslims to refresh.. revitalize, re-diet, re-purify, and perhaps… return to God path to seek for His forgiveness.. ppl hv to neither eat or drink from sunrise to sunset and in the same time control his/her desires towards in doing bad things and bad deeds. fasting is a must to all muslims who are ABLE to fast… women who are pregnant, PMS, or breastfeed no need to fast. Ppl either men or women who are sick and when the act of fasting can affect thier health ( * ie if they didnt eat they die or suffer badly * ) are strictly forbidden to fast as life is the 1st priority. at night muslims are encourage to recite al-Quran during the night.

so let us celebrate the Ramadhan together and do more good deeds..

on the other hand.. RIP steve irwin.. i love his animal planet shows and courage shown towards wildlife to expose them to us.. humans.. i’m more proud if having steve irwin as malaysians ( or malay ) rather than having the old man seekers, the show-off couple weddings with artist with tonnes of inflation ( pembaziran ) , the gedik act of the broken-hearted fiance on the TV( or maybe brave-heart [ FREEDOM ] ), and the over-rated MTV of M & N that win award last few nights and the flooding show of entertainment.
independence 49th years… i say yes… and no. v^-^v

Sep 2006

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