The rise of website design awareness among clubs in MMU Cyberjaya

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best gila mamat neh main.. mmg entertaining..

back to the title topic.. it was after midterm holiday and i can see several clubs promoting thier activity. but all the clubs hv the same kind of activity all over eyars but this time.. it’s a little different

“thier website improved and not to forget have classy look. [ altough they might have just download a template whatso. ]”

this year, i’m not the website designer for radio mmu.. since i’m having internship training.. i hv to leave it to someone else. i hope radio mmu can maintain the title of the best website award.. altough it might appear sucky for ur eyes [ my works 1 year ago ] but the interactivity inside and the usability of it conquers all the point.. and with the existence of MMU Awards … All clubs now pursuing and planning thier way to win an award and at the same time can promote the club in the next academic year .. which is still a long way to go.

in the same time we can see the arousing awareness among clubs towards better branding and commercialization throughout thier club by means of the design. it’s good to see that.. as mmu students so better to hv better commercial look and feel..there’s even a club organizing websdesign competition for thier website and offer 300 and a tshirt.. sooo rich.. ahahha

you can’t expect a rocket scientist to draw beautifully and magnificently.. but at least i can scribble.. hehe

Aug 2006

5 Responses to : The rise of website design awareness among clubs in MMU Cyberjaya

  1. Nora says:

    add aku kat my new YM.. id lama kena hack kot..

  2. ikram_zidane says:

    aku tengok.. yg budak2 mmu nyer semua suck gila.. nampak noobish betul la..
    aku suka design yg budak2 lim kok wing buat…

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku akui mende tuh.. sbb kitorang lebih kepada jack of all trades.. yang betul2 tahu tentang art kat mmu nih smer malas nak adapt dlm website technologies. aku lak.. mmg suckass at art.. coz i’m rocket scientist.. so kena harapkan orang lain utk buat art style smer tuh.. huhu

    ko tak teringain masuk malaysian skills ? aku rasa ko leh menang.. hoho

  4. ikram_zidane says:

    well.. bukan pasal art ke apa… cara coding pun macam bangang je..
    ps: thanks pakai the merdeka stuff..

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