Revenge of the Hang Lekuk – Zidane

actually suppose to post this entry last night.. but i wan to sleep faster since hv to work. ok. so the world cup 2006 ends. and we can see the revenge of hang lekuk a.k.a zinedine zidane

maybe some of you didnt know hang lekuk. hang lekuk is the famous character back in old kids days at Ujang magazine.. that time Gempa, and his subordinates still didnt exists so we really enjoy ujang and gila-gila magazine. hang lekuk is one of the famous 5 Hang bersaudara and his special abiliuties is his head is as rock as adamantinum.. it’s just can’t heal like wolverine. so hang lekuk will use his deadly ramming – head to his enemy… same as what zidane do to materazzi who raba raba badan zidane. sape tak marah kena raba.. gay hape. congrates italia. thanks to trezeguet for slacking off the penalty.
next year 2010 the world cup will be held at africa. i still remember my previous plan in MRSM taiping that is to further studies to watch world cup at germany by taking tech-i forget what course together with K.E ( Khairi Hafsham Bin Khalil Gibran Saleem ) [ erm i can remember things that is supposedly not importanht to remember ] and of course supports germany. unless malaysia can make it there so we’ll support malaysia.
many player will retire after this world cup campaign. zidane, totti, nakata, kahn.. and i think there’s others also want to retire. so let’s just wait for the next world cup. it’s not i’m neglecting other soccer championship like EPL, Liga perdana whatever. it’s just a season. so after this there will be no more coming up late to office and sleeping there. life becomes normal again. wife can talk happily with thier husband.

uploaded new works. it’s actually old works.. back in beta trimester 3. MTV – Seksis. check it out. and give comments here.. :D:D

Jul 2006

7 Responses to : Revenge of the Hang Lekuk – Zidane

  1. Tatiana says:

    Really?? Ramainya retire :-s :(

  2. kazness says:

    zufar bontot takleh blah.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    tatiana – yaa this time many retire.. not to forget coaches also.. if not mistaken la
    kaz – ko suke bontot zufar?

  4. Nora says:

    i will miss Oliver Kahn :(

  5. chapan says:

    coach mana retire.. resign sblm kena sack. ahahah. get ready for the next generation of football. entertaining football. joga bonito. hala espana. forza italia.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    nora – same la… huhu.. but khan old ledi lah
    chapan – huuu.. nak kena follow epl la pulak.. aku arsenal 😛

  7. chapan says:

    ahaha aku west ham.. united til we die.. united til we die.. oi oi oi.. ahahhaha.. apa layan epl.. serie A dah jadi bosan sebab kelab2 besar kena relegate.. layan la liga sudaaa….

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