Way to go germany ~

Last night going to dea thai seafood at seri kembangan to watch germany vs argentina.. it was because at p9 all mamaks full of ppl watching worldcup.. so me syawal sabau and orell end up going to sri kembangan to eat mcd and watch worldcup there. germans now step ahead to semi final and will face italy.. but i sure there will be no problem. i will go watch them this wednesday wearing germany jersey like yesterday.. mesti penyokong argentina semalam hangin satu badan.

neways.. today endup making a promotional website for Radio MMU.. with a touch of vector brush given by Hellmy . Quite happy with the result.. my first brush art. and mix it with photoslideshow of dj members. this year i’m not a technical manager – website development for Radio MMU but being promoted as Advisory Board of Radio MMU.. so i hope this is my last page for radio MMu.. the new hicoms should take care of the website and change it if neccessary ( which i think it is neccessary ). the picture like that because at that time the picture become glowing.

now hv to rest a bit and next a marathon for my internship project.

song of the day. – resound : Dragon Ash

Jul 2006

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  1. daili says:

    May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at Christmas

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