a 3 million ringgit student.

last week when we go to arwah amin’s house, me yap ibrahim and also cik jee and mdm forest join us. in the car they ( the lecturers ) told about bonus and they said mistake happen sometimes. and they heard that the story of a student with 3 million and here’s the proof… after a year.. and it’s still there.


To recap, this is a screenshot of my Student Finance Kiosk of MMU. no photoshop.

oh well… i know it has been deducted already but……. no comment.. ( this is a fair comment, refer media law pls. )

Jul 2006

Al-Fatihah – Tribute to Amin ( big guy of DM )

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you my dear coursemates and lecturers of Digital Media 05/06.

Sad news.

Amin, one of our majoring-mate has passed away this morning. Cause of deaths is accident which is still unclear how can he got in an accident. He with Sidek that time but Sidek survive, Unfortunately he didnt.

In class he is the big guy with soft spoken voice, and the ability to play guitar as well make him stands out among us. Easy to be friend with, he also have a band named semut-o-rama.

As now he’s depart from us, let us hope Lord grant his soul and let perpetual light shine upon him. Al-Fatihah


Jul 2006

2nd class road user and fresh grad nowadays

Erm.. this is pure innocent opinion. ( refer to medialaw) i said this because everyday i going back and forth from mmu hostel to office at kelana jaya and back again at hostel. i enjoy riding motorcycle but not when car drivers act like PIG. why? masuk line tak bagi signal, the main problem… not to forget the road here at kelana jaya to puchong got flyover yang tak bagi motor naik. but to think again… some of the closed way for motorcyclist are making the motorcyclist have to go to traffic lights and wait. and have to cross line again in the road. motorcyclist have to avoid those lubang2 coz it’s dangerous… cars maybe need not to.. but the car didnt give any room to avoid the hole.. when parking they use motorcycle parking like in MMU .. they even block the way … when at traffic like they didnt give any way to motorcycleuntuk mencelah kehadapan so the road more lapang. when traffic lights goes green they speed up again without realizing they’re out of line.. and menghimpit motorcyclist. they throw trash or abu rokok.puntung rokok pun campak luar.. i hv once feel it at my hand and my leg. haih.

so to motorcyclist out there… be careful when you ride.. and to car drivers.. be considerate. ( aku pun cakap nih untuk mengingatkan aku jugak.. kalau tunggu perfect untuk tegur orang sampai mati pun tak )

many works nowadays. in office, outside office.. all piling up.. nak buat cmane.. nak hidup mewah kena kerja keras, kena kerja banyak. last week back to home for celebrate my mother bitrhday. my dad going to penang yesterday. he point out some critical issue on fresh graduates nowadays.. he;s going to penang since having some meeting with all chargeman ( penjaga jentera elektrik) in malaysia. he state out that nowadays not only fresh grad hving problems with work.. same goes to IKM trainee since they only know theory and when being asked they said * cikgu saya cakap macam ini * kiranya suka taqlid la nih.  tak ikut buku. so this is some serious matter since TNB lnow lack of these chargeman. they go out from IKM without quality as a chargeman. and my father remind me it’s not actually for the chargeman only.. but alsoo applies to fresh grad nowadays including me that is now in my final year. nowadays teenager are terlalu dimanjakan, suke bermewah, boros, demanding, know the theory but doesnt hv the quality and always like to complaint belagak bijak pandai. talk more than do work.
did i hv the quality when i’m grad? did i even have the quality right now ? your answer ?

happy birthday mum.. al-fatihah buat arwah tuk Dali yang pergi ke-rahmatullah pada hari selasa lalu.

Jul 2006

Revenge of the Hang Lekuk – Zidane

actually suppose to post this entry last night.. but i wan to sleep faster since hv to work. ok. so the world cup 2006 ends. and we can see the revenge of hang lekuk a.k.a zinedine zidane

maybe some of you didnt know hang lekuk. hang lekuk is the famous character back in old kids days at Ujang magazine.. that time Gempa, and his subordinates still didnt exists so we really enjoy ujang and gila-gila magazine. hang lekuk is one of the famous 5 Hang bersaudara and his special abiliuties is his head is as rock as adamantinum.. it’s just can’t heal like wolverine. so hang lekuk will use his deadly ramming – head to his enemy… same as what zidane do to materazzi who raba raba badan zidane. sape tak marah kena raba.. gay hape. congrates italia. thanks to trezeguet for slacking off the penalty.
next year 2010 the world cup will be held at africa. i still remember my previous plan in MRSM taiping that is to further studies to watch world cup at germany by taking tech-i forget what course together with K.E ( Khairi Hafsham Bin Khalil Gibran Saleem ) [ erm i can remember things that is supposedly not importanht to remember ] and of course supports germany. unless malaysia can make it there so we’ll support malaysia.
many player will retire after this world cup campaign. zidane, totti, nakata, kahn.. and i think there’s others also want to retire. so let’s just wait for the next world cup. it’s not i’m neglecting other soccer championship like EPL, Liga perdana whatever. it’s just a season. so after this there will be no more coming up late to office and sleeping there. life becomes normal again. wife can talk happily with thier husband.

uploaded new works. it’s actually old works.. back in beta trimester 3. MTV – Seksis. check it out. and give comments here.. :D:D

Jul 2006

German kalah . T-T [ a bit of memories for world cup 2002 japan/korea ]

ingatkan match jerman hari rabu.. lupalak rabu pagi so malam semalam la jawabnya.. sbb tak tido awal plus hari2 bawak motor gih kelana jaya so kena tidur.. tp sempat tengok 15 minit pertama.. tp sblm tido tuh terasa tak sedap hati gak sbb sblm tuh ada baca paper.. german mmg tak pernah kalahkan itali dlm worldcup.. busuk2 pun seri.. tp german tak pernah kalah lawan kat dortmund.. haih.. bangun2 tanye rahmat sambil gembira dia menjerit.. itali menang 2 kosong.. pulang paku buah keras nampaknya.. harituh kena kutuk pasal dia sokong england gak.. haha.. ok la sokong france pulak sbb harituh zidane main lawa.
worldcup neh sedikit sebanyak mengimbas kenangan 4 tahun lepas la. masa tuh kat MRSM Taiping ( Maresmart ) tahun 2002. masa tuh mmg meriah gila sbb ade budak balik perlis.. so dia ambik order jersi grade a utk team2 worldcup masa tuh. aku, apai, muthanna( kalau tak silap ), dan sape lagik tah aku lupe ambik jersi germany. mmg dia provide semua jersi setiap negara.. murah lak tuh.. 20-30 ringgit. worldcup 4 tahun sekali so beli la. Pastuh bila setiap perlawanan ade, kitorang pakai jersi negara yang berlawan. bes tul time tuh. dengan2 setiap negara ade dlm 10-20 orang beli jersi tuh so mmg tebal la semangat asabiyah time tuh. tengok tv kat dewan selera pun asing2 macam nak berperang. budak pompuan pun nak ambik makanan pun problem. tak cukup kat situ kat hostel punya ruang rehat tuh penuh lagik. team mana lawan harinih duduk jauh2 ngan team lawan lagi satu.
dah nak jadi trend so masa tuh terhafal la nama2 pemain bola ngan coach dia sekali.. rudi voeller la, nowotny la, del piero dan macam2 lagik. masing2 masa tuh pandai kasik komen. dah jadik commentator. siap selalu keluar gi taiping selalunya gih buaya main CS atau Red Alert 2. tp masa tuh semua main fifa world cup yg khas dikeluarkan EA. padang bola dah takde orang. kata masa tuh world cup korea/japan so masa match slalunya petang – sebelum isyak. Prep pun selambe tak pergi nasib baik warden paham kata musim bola. budak2 pompuan pun masa nih la nak tayang pengetahuan derang terhadap bola. ahaha. england la kegemaran diorang. takpun korea ngan jepun.
kenape sokong german ? sbb suka pasukan nazi.. bwahaha. afterall.. worldcup is worldy phenomenon every 4 years.. and still vote for german. :D. lukas podolski sebaya tp dah sumbangkan 2 gol utk negara dia.. aku? takde ape ape.
Jul 2006
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