2006/2007 + Final Year

time goes so fast… it’s already the last academic year 2006/2007 for me.. for this trimester.. i’m hving a practical at Josh Lim & Associates ( http://www.josh.com.my ) 4 days already training there with sabau, muizz and din.the office located at the dataran prima condominium where the security was super tight. also in the office are jamie, xinyu and josh himself and with other girl that i dunno much. –
for this year.. i’m staying with two juniors. one of them i know oledi and since one of another two of his roomates didnt want to stay.. so i join in … the view was quite nice and refreshing.. i like the outer view since alpha..  and hv freya placed on the desk and giving her much more ventilation.


so far till now i hv try all those levels at hostels.. start with alpha with pecal as roomate at level 4 [ ground floor is level 1 in my language ] … after that beta year with syawal and sabau at level 5 the top level.. then level 2 ( the most expensive ) with sabau and putra.. on the orientation week with syed sabau and edry on level 1 and now at level 3 with rahmat and umar.


hoho all blacks set… thinking of spraying my 21″ monitor to black..

it’s now japan vs brazil and actually i hv to sleep since going to work at 9

and i support those germans. :D:D:D

Jun 2006

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