d^_^b – results are out

alhamdulillah.. thank god my result was ok. i tot will supple media law and courseware. since we spoil our presentation in media law with accusation we copy and paste ( hell it was another person fault ) and for the courseware, i didnt manage to finish writing storyboard. based on the calculation of grade point, i think i might score at my majoring subject and Mandarin Level 1..maybe lah.. the grades still not out yet. so mr hazli if you’re reading this..pls give the money p$-$q.

but.. i wonder why my optical mouse died oledi… the sensor still on.. light still there but cant work. the mouse has been served me since alpha. the price only 10 bucks. so hv problem since tonight i’m suppose to make montage for frehies since i take thier pictures througout this orientation week and without mouse i can’t do my job.. since i wanted to buy a cordless system, rushing tolowyat just to buy an ordinary logitech ex110.. i think it’s a great value furthermore it’s logitech. 3 years warranty. :D:D.. oh and not to forget.. dvd half life episode 1.. the new one la… altogether with half life 2 and halflife 2 : lost coast… i might wantedto repeat playing half life 2a.. then lost coast, then halflife2 : episode 1.. hohoooo /swt
why the title = d^_^b = the d and b resembles earphone.. have bought creative muvo vidz 1gb. at first already ordered sony bean but since bean can’t record, so buy 2nd hand muvo vidz.. but it just have been used for 4 times only… when i see it.. no scratches as you can expect from 2nd hand thing so it was veryy veryy value deal and with tonnes of features. after this i got a company if i didnt meet my PC 😛

last saturday me and my dearie went to watch CARS : pixar. as expected, it weas beautifully done and not to forget the early intro showing “one band show” ( if i’m not mistaken ) the cars are all alive.. and it seems really alive.. wee these because in toy story, the toy was having human parts like legs, nose, ears body and so on while in cars… if want to resemble those part have to blend with the figure of the cars itself.. the memorable scene is at time when lightning mcqueen and his best friend mater gone to field to shout at cows that resembled by tractors.. and got one big cow they resemble as mesin penuai padi. so funny. i would like to see it again. the ending credits they show someclips from toy story, a bugs life and monster inc.. the funny is the character has been made to car-shape. all the people insde was lauging.. andit was a happy ending for the collaboration between pixar and disney.

next.. the fast and the furious, tokyo drift.

ok.. back to montage ( erm install halflife first )

Jun 2006

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