Nice Holiday

back from holiday.. actually for the last 1 year i rarely hv time for family holiday. in fact, by this time i’m writing this post i’m already at hostel mmu cyberjaya helping sabau with montage for orientation week. the 1st week of holiday 28/6 – 30/6 i was at penang and 1/6 – 3/6 at kedah, my mum’s hometown and and 3/6-4-6 at kuala selangor .. my father’s hometown..but the best thjing is i drive the car.. huahuahuahua. speeding is nice but not so nice when u see a signboard “anda sedang diperhatikan” so slow down but really.. it was horror to see the speedometer showing 140km.,.. and it was my first time driving on highway ( well as for me i care about my family – and i dont give a damn if you drive faster than this )

arriving at seberang perai to pick upomy niece and cousins along to penang island.. one night when we try to cross the bridge.. it was freakingly stuffed with cars.. it’s because after the toll lane which is about 8 lane… it merge to just 2 lane.. so just image the traffic there… and no wonder people ask for 2nd bridge… with more lanes. so the destination is leisure cove apartment .. it was nice apartment throughout all leisure holidays apartment since it hv jacuzzi.. and great sight ( pics later )

not so much doing at kampung baru bukit tangga,kedah since my family was holding a kenduri doa selamat. going abck to hometown at tanjung karang was to visit the wedding ceremony of my relatives.

owh.., back to work.. with orientation thingy

Jun 2006

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