\^_^\ horey finish at last /^_^/

ok.. DM exhibition finish at last. it was a worthy exhibition and also it was great to see comments from professionals and not to forget other lecturers. pretty shocked because muidlatif was there also since he’s the representative from mdec. the comment from him is i have to really2 take care about the content cause at first it seems like a journey of butterfly and after that it is an interactive storytelling of the relationship of butterfly and statement someone’s coming. the graphic was ok he qouted : ( somewhat like this ) “it’s a very good achivement if you can make people remember/recognize of your work and i think this is memorable enough” . not to forget mr tajalli pointed out some critical flaw on our installation – ” your steps has no direction and can mislead the user.. which pad should i step first? it just said please step further. “


another one thing is i am a grateful grapefruit [ ok i’m stealing bjork line >:) ]. mr chris funkhouser also coming and he evaluate both of my work which is interactive installation [ the butterfly vision : psst…. someone’s coming ] and the multimedia based entertainment ( shortname : GAME ) which is Azimat Awang Miskin. for interactive installation, he said the graphics was really nice and it was a very complex scripting. [ YES !!!! the scripting was sooo hard and thanks sabau! ] and a new style of random stroy telling and interactivity. for game, he said it was a good effort to promote idioms( kata pepatah ) yet promoting local stories and content. ok the idiom voice in malay [ thanks zufar for the voiceover ] so i need to translate each idiom into english. i think mr chris was almost laugh out louuuuud by listening to the voiceover while i’m translating it.

berfikir sebelum bertindak : think before you do

sediakan payung sebelum hujan : you know it’s going to rain so better you bring your umbrella

diam² ubi berisi, diam² besi berkarat : even the tapioca stays still.. it is growing.. but steels .. it’s going to rust [ WTH i’m translating.. bwahahahhaha ]

thanks again to my lecturers, and fellow groupmates.

the fotopages temporatily disable photo upload.. since most of classmate want’s the photo so bad.. i put it up here.. http://dm.flavertmedialab.com/donlod/exhibition.rar http://dm.flavertmedialab.com/donlod/evaluation.rar

sorry because the photo was a bit dark since i dont have external flash so i hv to bear with slow shutter speed.

so there goes.. i am a grateful grapefruit. [ oh stealing is a crime.. /swt ]

UPDATES : The Butterfly Vision successfully wins the 2nd place at ASEAN New Media Art Competition ’06 – new blog post


Press Release – http://www.antara.co.id/en/arc/2007/2/21/indonesia_also_winner_of_asean_new_media_arts_competition/ 

May 2006

6 Responses to : \^_^\ horey finish at last /^_^/

  1. nadiah says:

    eh, apsal tak ambik gamba dgn frame butterfly kitorg tu? :p hahaha

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    haha malu la saya.. huehuehue

  3. ejon says:

    uiyoo.. geng wp gak.. hidup wordpress

    http://faizulzone.silenteve.net :mrgreen:

  4. ejon says:

    theme ni si ikram kan yg buat. budak form 3 tu

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  6. zafi says:

    congrats weh dpt tempat kedua.. pe lagi bukak la meja 😛

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