I want a Camera Control Features for Flash

first of all the camera control i mention doesnt mean the webcam control in flash. dont misunderstood 😛
ok.. just a week ago i did put this statement in my yahoo messenger status. why? because i want to control camera like 3d application similiar like after effects. i know after effects got a plugins/tricks to do that but i still didnt manage to get a hold of it. and for flash if i really want to use a camera tricks it gotta be done in swift 3d.. but recently discover one problem in swift 3d which is it cant imported jpeg “sesuka hati ko “. the imported jpeg has to re-map and wgen it’ is being mapped, it was just a plain *plane*. haih

another pain in the back problem with swift 3d is sometwhat it will going crazy when u render. the lighting positions that you set-ups sometimes doesnt work and the render output would somethimes show shadows but actually it was at the wrong postion.. huhu.. i realize this at the montage of mmu awards.. and for Interactive art… i have to find way to play with camera tricks.

so i hope flash 9 would show something like camera control.. so i happy.. hahah.

May 2006
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