and the Best Website Award For Cyberjaya Campus goes to……


hoyehhhhhh… ok so thank god, here i would like to thank all of ppl in radio mmu for suggestions, comments, bug testing, cooperation with the content of the website and the sub-website itself, ideas and criticsm towards the website that i made. thanks to my roomate sabau for teaching me XML that time, and ezaffie for giving graphic consultation. thanks to cyberia A1-0-9 since they provide me place to stay to do the website ( fyi i develop the website at their house alst year spending my 2 months holiday there. )thanks to my family since they let me live there one month ( suppose i spend time with my family on that 2 months holiday ). and thanks for my dearie rinakeiko.

i don’t think i win since usrah institution (cyberjaya) website are more well develop than radio mmu website. they even got a proper web-editor that will made editing html, codes, updating, a more easier way to people who doesnt know those codes and rules. i edit all of this website manually and yes it’s a hard thing and there is no such thing as ” oh this is simple website… can do in 1 or 2 days ” it’s the same meaning with building house in 1 or 2 day. ( this phrase i take from somewhere in lowyat art n design subforums ).

so again. thanks to all who involve. and i also would like to thank all of my technical department committees, sabau, syawal, faiz, k.e, iskandar, noxus and chapan for helping me out on the MMU Award Nite 06. it went smoothly altough at the trehearsal part we’re a bit lost. good job guys. i really appreciate it. thanks to syakir mamet and joe sumpit for giving me help when i need it most. thanks to adlil for become a helpful assistant director and for all committees mmu award nite, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
so the websites?

Radio MMU, Radio MMU html version, Radio MMU flash version, Radio MMU Forum, DJ GiG, Raya_RMMU, RMMU Day ( made by kenny ) , lets buy Radio MMU tshirt, and Radio MMU photo Gallery

Apr 2006

2 Responses to : and the Best Website Award For Cyberjaya Campus goes to……

  1. orellex says:

    yela…dah menang lupa kat aku….cam nila… haih…

  2. hi says:

    your radio mmu site sucks..can’t beleive u won’t an award..also can’t believe mmu quality dropping so fast compare to early years

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