Mukhayyam Tarbawi, FCM Nite and …

ok.. for last week, two big events that was Mukhayyam Tarbawi Camping at Ulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan, and FCM nite at wednesday at Hilton KL sentral.


at the camping i was assigned to be a photographer since the participant are now allowed to take pics, repolying smses so their belongings such as camera,handphone, and walled were confiscated so they could focus on the leadership cfamp itself. pretty much happy with my shooting unless the night war which is eos300d can’t do perfectly. furthermore, i hate it when taking pics in dark, the flash will blinks a lot to find focus point.

day 1

day 2

day 3


i have to attend FCM nite since my dearie rinaKeiko is one of the committee for the nite itself. the nite which is held at hilton hotel was a blast and superb. the lighting are supercool since it does enlighten the whole hall.the hall indeed is smaller but the enjoyment is there. i dont think goit people do not satisfied with fcm nite. next year i’ll come again. hehe. the perfomancer was excellent with anuar zain, esther, impersonator tom jones. for pics.. click here

on the other hand, some maybe asking what is ‘aula’ that recently i tercakap. ‘aula’ is a short word from arabic words ” aulawiyyat” that means the importance or also ‘awal’. “aulawiyyat / aula” is important since in this world, there’s always something important behind above else. we have to have a level of priority in making decisions and things and not by just simply do it. for more info you can read it here

Apr 2006

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