CGPA,SAPS and it’s relevancy to the FCM students

– practising freedom expression… altough it is not absolute, this is my place to speak things i see –

terms. CGPA – Cummulative Grade Point Average, SAPS – Student Activity Points ( S i dunno ), FCM – Faculty of Creative Multimedia, FOM – Faculty of Management.

for FCM students, CGPA will help you in getting scholarships, have a more priority to choose majoring you like, getting honorable Dean List of course, higher probability to get Award on glamorous FCM night ( which is tonight 19 apr ), to continue studies in master, you have to reach first class, and maybe some employer would be interested in taking you for their job.

for FCM students, SAPS point would play a little role ( maybe ? ) since from what i hear from various sources which is can consider true, SAPS points are very important for FOM students, whereas for FCM it will appear as a extra-abilities to command and managing things. MAYBE this explain why when FCM students join in working committee, other faculty student will wonder what actually we can do. Whilist some of my friend experienced been neglected by their fellow committee for not being able to do thier job given and in other way, being a workhorse in while in the same time have to cope with deadlines for assignments. by the way, scoring more SAPS points generally will increase the probability getting a place in hostel.
What are FCM-ers can do ? – designing websites, products, branding for the club, handling multimedia stuff technically [ cameras, video, ] teaching people how to use MULTIMEDIA softwares, [ microsoft word isn’t ] and some of my friends was capable of handling BIG events and sucessfully accomplished their task given by thier respective club.

as for me, i think both SAPS and CGPA play a major role. however, seeing at my current CGPA now, how i can get first class to continue master. i just have another 4 trimester ( including this sem ).haih.

i rest my case here, since after 20 minutes of wrinting, it seems my conclusion maybe sparks some bad and unhealthy arguements. for peace and harmony, i removed my post after the beep


[ listening to ilaria graziano – Einstein Groovin’ ( Cowboy bebop OST ) is simply soothing in the morning while do the media law  ]

see you in court

Apr 2006

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