Run Over Naked – the streaking game

try this game. taken from my DM senior link

the Streaking Game

recently played pokemon sapphire emulator. but things going a bit bad. this week i have islamic studies presentation. so all the earlier plan have to be delayed. suppose this week a bit relax since i plan to revamp radio mmu website in terms of the internal structure and updating systems. another one is to make html version of v3 portfolio since it was more easier to update whatsoever. my current v2 is not so extensible so hv a problem sometimes.oh well have to delayed.

current assignment is interactive art for digital media, how to record audio for courseware subject, a i-donno-what-shud-do for media law, upcoming quiz for mandarin level 1. MA MA HU HU ~)_(~and for this coming friday.. islamic studies presentation that need to do in flash..

ok chale ( i want a mp3 player so bad )

Mar 2006

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  1. Absolutley it is one of the best articles which I have read ! Great !

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