Are You Chicken? pop pop pop pechikk

heh.. just now listening to orchestra version of back to the future OST. personally this movie is quite influencing my life. i very like this movie since it’s showing human’s dream to travel between time. i remembered once i made a 12V battery ( that huge one ) and also made a electric circuit like what Doc made and then link it with my 4wd toy ( back then it was popular as Tamiya ). so the circuit probably will link 12v to my 4wd electric engine. the engine i already modified with some extra wiring and also with clip ( like delorean ) but it has two clips probably one for negative point and positive point. ( chemically said, cathode & anode ) so the experiment begin when i’m switching on the battery circuit . the track would be on the shallow drain. the i release the tamiya.. followed it till it hit the open circuit…at the moment the car with the wire hit the circtuit, it moved fast a bit for several centimeters ( i think 30 centimeters ) then it’s decelerate. the engine was damaged. probably it was because of the overload voltage supplied. checking the engines got 4 of the wire oledi putus. haha

enough for the story.. now focusing for the future.. hv to study for courseware midterm. good luck to all gamma DM students.this night goin home to celebrate anum’s birthday. she’s goin 6. me.. still 20.


Chicken ?

Mar 2006

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