Assesment Day : Azimat Awang Miskin

today is the presentation day of 6 weeks of fun developing game. the issue arouse is the font usage of the instructions, translation for english language have to implement if want to promote bahasa malaysia. overall good. relief to hear that.  but for next or future presentation, u hv to provide dummy links for forwarding scenes.. means when presenting ideas or prototype.. have to provide shortcuts to the end of game.. haih.. i forgot to do that bfurthermore just now i realize that issue.

this 6 weeks is really fun since i’m levelling myself up with the scripting. getting help from sabau, and also able to help some of DM students but sometimes also wasting thier time since i hv to experiment 1st. i’m not an expert actionscripter since sometimes i know the concept like hitTest, collide and more but when writing the script.. i’ll probably have to figure out the structure of the script.. where to put and others. so that’s when the part i wasting my time. it’s ok to experiment new things in actionscript but it’s at the wrong time. imagine tomorrow is the presentation yet you’re want to try some script.. that would be a time waste.. so the lesson to me is i should spend some time to actionscript and spend less time playing games if i want to make myself reliable next time.

another one thing is when it comes to scripting, now i realize how important the functional requirement sheet. it is because in my understanding, functional requirement means like if you have hero and enemy.. the sheet will tell about how the enemy will react when the hero kicks him.. when the hero punch the enemy or when the hero stab him from the back. at this part it is more easier to plan the script.. where to put those ( if ‘s ) ( else ) so we din get confuse.

spend some times to actionscripting so i can make myself reliable next time. so i can stand up by my self.

Mar 2006

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  1. chapan says:

    betul tu. note to frens : learn at the 1st week.. not tomorro present, tonite wanna learn. kesian frens yg diminta tolong tu. kalau tolak, kata sombong :p ne way, thanks to tekong and sabau, siap la game aku. :p

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