Week 6: Friday

finish and printerd my concept board today. still havent done yet voice over. target to finish introduction this night. huhuhu.this is it.
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sketchbook no progress.. hv to finish digital part fast.

Mar 2006

4 Responses to : Week 6: Friday

  1. aaeem says:

    looking good…can’t wait to try out the game… n___n v

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    thanks to you who have a great visualization on the ideation of the characters wooo \m/ ^___^ \m/

  3. Danny Foo says:

    Its looking interesing and hope to see the demo later. :)


  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    waa danny foo… CSS master.. erm well the game now in the stage of bug checking and also optimizing it for internet version since it was 6 mb and will take longer time to load. haih. later when it’s ready i’ll also tell it to lowyat-ians.

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