Week 6: Pre-Presentation

so for this week 6 pre-presentation, so far i have down is

Progress this week 

writing hands of awang miskin,

swapping head image ( side view ) of awang miskin

fixed bug looping generated text from XML external file.

checked error/correct answer indicator added

time interval added

marking scheme fixed. ( the older issue is they didnt count the total marks but count the correct and false marks individually)

Pending Items

40 voiceover for each statement.. plus the responce of the teacher.. make it 50.. wowowow

sound effects of each action, writing, false and correct answer indicator.

animation of the teacher hitting with “rotan”.

Issue Arroused

dull conceptboard

fast animation for false/correct indicators.. make it slower.

warning indicators hv to prolong a bit.

input window border have to blend with the cave environment. sort of melekat.

sound fx where?

huuu.. i still didnt make the instruction screen, introduction and when finish game. but my job will be less now since the engine is working perfectly and thanks to sabau for help me out with the script.

hrm.. where should i find a so-creative-professional garment to wear for presentation ah?

Mar 2006

One Response to : Week 6: Pre-Presentation

  1. chapan says:

    yaa siap cepat2 .. aku perlukan tutoran mu.. ahaha

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