Flash in Japan

Paie gurun found this article on coldhardflash.com it was about a team of japanese animators using only flash basics to make an anime. the quality was superb. and they only using flash basic. u can see the flash style there. read the article here

on the other hand. i’m also visiting ryosuke aoike website [ aoike ca ] with simple layout yet very colorful and tempting images of animation. i wonder how are flash industry in malaysia.. because if there’s a post of flash animators, i can do it. eventough i can’t draw well, i can trace thier drawings [ thier character artists] just using flash. yes.. i did state that. I TRACE USING FLASH. no need illustrator, freehand or photoshop, but believe me flash tracing are more easier. it’s not the same thing as trace bitmap but it is a tracing method using pen or line tool. furthermore if u trace with flash, the filesize become more smaller than importing pictures in photoshops. So why spend more time to trace in other software while u can do straight away with flash. /:)

ok.. now hv to scribble for my html layout version of my portfolio.. i’m thinking to make a demoreel since i want to experiment some things in flash. * garu kepala *

back to work.

Mar 2006
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2 Responses to : Flash in Japan

  1. budu says:

    yer2 mmg senang trace guna flash dari trace gu illustrator aku buat animation totally guna flash jer

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    mmg senang encit budu.. hehe selamat datang ke blog saye

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