Dinner Sekolah@MMU


got this cute small picture frame. the dinner was held at kelana jaya seafood.. the last time i was there is back at primary school. i’m following my dad attending his company dinner. the food was really good right then, same as today.

today gt 60++ attending this sek mmu dinner with majority from sekmmu johor committee. the dresscode is white so the solution is to wear jubah. hoho. since i left sek agama menengah i never pakai jubah so this is a 1st after 6 years. back then i have a full black color. so the food was really2 delicious. from chicken lemon , fish fillet, sotong goreng – the very tasty dishes , prawn masak kicap, tauhu, vege with mushroom and air oren biasa jer. but really the price for rm 10 was middle – worthy. since sotong goreng finish so fast.

so this is the cheapest nite after all.. it was fun to reunite all committees back again. my position for sekmmu johor was IT coordinator that teach dreamweaver and photoshop. fuad was supposed to attend this dinner but he have majlis potong for silat graduation if i’m not mistaken, so i guess it can’t be helped. the IT team consist of me, edry as the photoshopper and fuad as the head of fasilitator with other tutors especially girls from bureau of sponsorship. farah, naimah, eisya, aida, and other one.. err forgot.. sori.

so congrates to all especially committee sekmmu johor and thanks to lomak to give me the post of IT corrdinator.. rasa poyo.. ok.. back to flash scripting 8-x

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Mar 2006

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