Sunny Busy Day

hoho. 1 hour eversince i open the post control to post this topic. today is a busy day indeed. same as other days. 1 hour before this i was assisting evonne, rewan and nirpad for thier flash. nirpad bringing a good issue about biological clock/circadian rhythm.

Nirpad : humans are suppose to follow the nature since they a kid. night was meant for sleep and day was meant for work. if you didnt follow the nature law, you might get some symptoms depends on your luck. the body can accept the change of circadian rhythm but the worst is at the time the body want to synchronize between the nature and the circadian rhythm. the circadian rhythm will affect a bit there. ::
i also made some quick search from wikipedia. and it does bring up some interesting issue that do relate to my lifestyle and also FCM students especially.

non 24-hour sleep wake syndrome

in Al-Quran also stated about this matter. chapter 10 verses 67 surah Yunus.

Dialah yang menjadikan malam bagi kamu supaya kamu berehat padanya dan menjadikan siang terang-benderang (supaya kamu berusaha). Sesungguhnya perubahan malam dan siang itu mengandungi tanda-tanda (yang menunjukkan kekuasaan Allah) bagi kaum yang mahu mendengar (keterangan-keterangan yang tersebut dan mengambil pelajaran daripadanya).

[67] He it is that hath made you the Night that ye may rest therein, and the Day to make things visible (to you). Verily in this are Signs for those who listen (to His Message).

i will provide english translation later when back online.

this other article was sharply represent how my lifestyle is

delayed sleep phase syndrome

i do admit i sleep late. 3 or 4 something like that and wake up for subuh prayer. if after subuh i stay up till classes at 9. only at saturday and sunday.. i sleep for 5-6 hours.. it’s payback time.huhu. i wonder how to fix my circadian rhythm when i’m working out there. or this lifestyle would end last.

haih.. still a lot to do.

Mar 2006

2 Responses to : Sunny Busy Day

  1. hantuwriter says:

    tukar masuk faculty of human and life sciences ke.. ?? heheh..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku mmg minat sains dow

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