About Tekong

as requested by chapan… what is tekong?

1. tekong is a person who play a major role in sepak takraw.

2. tekong is a person who sails the small boats.

i’m not playing sepak takraw so it belongs to -2 tekong is a person who sails a small boat.

back at my junior college [ mrsm taiping ], at the orientation week, we have to perform a sketch. each wings have to perform. so got israfil merican, my neighbour tell to copy the idea of telekom advertising. i forgot what song it is but something has to do with telephone. the story is a bout a immigrants from indonesia come here with a boat, and then survive hardships at KL for getting money. then, my role as a tekong of that boat. i just act stupidly la but after that, people starts me to call tekong. at first, i don’t like it so much but my not-so-superhuman reflexes always respond to that name. after all almost all students there call me like that and it goes more worst when i’m selling chips and snacks. i tell them to call me ikhwan but since got another ikhwan there [ ikhwan fariz ] i guess i can’t help it. so there it goes. called as tekong.

Mar 2006

6 Responses to : About Tekong

  1. chapan says:

    oh timaseh tekong kerana clearkan minda aku. (aku tanya memain je la)

  2. refa says:

    jadik, adekah nama nazri dan tekong gabungan kuase jari jari yg kuat mengkeruk? tolong jawab :p

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    hah sial.. hahahahahhahahha

  4. chapan says:

    org tua ni kecoh la

  5. Israfil Merican says:

    akum tekong..ni kira salah aku ke tak? harap2 bukanla, by the way, nice to know that you still remember about me. i think you enjoy what you are doing right now..thats good.
    good luck and all th best k.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    sape takleh lupe ko.. nama pun pelik.. kehkehkehe

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