Black Oil facts ( minyak hitam )

syawal : meidei meidei. my motor experience failure. meidei meidei.

me ( as a hero ) : roger that. what’s your current condition and current location.

syawal : condition pekehei nyo. motor rosak. come retrieve me back to mmu and i want to got another bike for this mission. the location is Kay Tee Em 5erd4ng ( serdang ). pls come fast.

me : affimative. curry will send out to rescue you. ETA 20 minutes. go buy goreng pisang 1st.

syawal : whatever. roger out.

me : roger still not die. however chale.

so today as usual i went to save the day. but then. at ktm serdang. syawal ask why my chain ( bike punya chain ) is kendur so he dont want to take my bike and rent other person bike. on the road, i see some strange things with my fuel. it consume 2 times higher than it should be. one full tank is enough for me to going back and forth to my home.. but this is just serdang and it only left about quarter of the tank. so i ask syawal.
me: how come my fuel finish very fast? i know la petrol price increased.

syawal: have u change the black oil ( minyak hitam )

me : umm forget. but my dad did remind me yesterday morning.

syawal : then you should. go to dengkil and change the black oil. if the black oil runs out. the fuel consumption will be frickin higher more higher than petrol price increased.

so after mission accomplish [ the mission is to retrieve syawal safely to mmu cyber ] i go to dengkil to change the black oil. after that.. i can see the fuel consumption oledi normal and can speed up normally.

so the lesson is don’t forget to change the black oil.

Mar 2006

7 Responses to : Black Oil facts ( minyak hitam )

  1. imin says:

    assalamualaikum tekong.. uh uh..patutlah minyak kerete saye cepat je abih.. sbb tak tukar minyak hitam rupenye..dah overdue 2nd service ni.. alhamdulillah bace blog tekong…kalau tak jawabnye mmg lagi lambat la antar service kot…

  2. e_oneexsamten says:

    waalaikumussalam.. weh imin apsal la ko dah grad tidak kita leh main nite hung lagik.. hadiah makin mahal.. hadiah tuh ukup utk tukar minyak hitam.. hahahah

  3. imin says:

    eheh..saper kate saye dah grad… insyaAllah sem ni final sem la… hehehe ok lah camni, korang main pastu insyaAllah kalau menang hang kasi hadiah tu utk saye beli minyak hitam.. wokeh?

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahahah.. dah lepas la beb.. melepas minyak hitam ko

  5. yelderin says:

    eh eh eh.. sawal berkata-kata dalam bahasa inggeris?

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    haah.. dunia dah nak kiamat kan.. hahahahahah.. lawak kebanyakan

  7. hantuwriter says:

    sedap pisang goreng..??

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