Hello world! >:)

my first post and my official blog. okay.. why nazri? in arabic.. it means my sight. with origin from nazr – sight and e – adjective for me. so this site will tell of what i see in my daily life. i see and i tell. oh since you can’t restrict of what i see… so please don’t restrict of any i say.. this is mysight // mysite.. sounds that this is mysite. btw my name is ikhwan nazri. ikhwan means brotherhood. ikhwan nazri = brotherhood of sight /vision or kaki sekodeng? whatever. 😛
what so special with my sight ?

okay. the special is i have un-important photographic memory. why ? because back at my primary school, i remember teacher said ” you have a weird way to memorize things. things that should not be remembered you can remember easily at a glance. like father name, car plate number cloth color, what type and bicycle and so on. ok that was a long time ago.

at high secondary school. i have to take medical test before entering my junior college. the doctor tell me that i hv somekind of color blind. i thought this was a mistakes but at the chemistry lab.. i can’t tell perfectly what color of the results of the conducted experiment. /swt. after that it’s getting worst. i tend to tell wrong colors. eventough i still can see red yellow green and blue, but i can’t see when color mix or for some reason. luckily i passed the color test for JPJ. but that doesnt solve any problem.

what is color blind?

ok. so that’s my sight. so this is the end of first post of me. bookmark if you like. hello world >:)

Mar 2006

3 Responses to : Hello world! >:)

  1. tipah says:

    ..wa~ nice starting..oo now i know wat nazri means..its better 2 call u wif dat name yea:) hehe. nyway congrate!!~ go go jia you..

  2. chapan says:

    and what does tekong mean.. :))

  3. e_oneexsamten says:

    hah nnt aku bitau

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