Engage with Flash

having a short nap. /swt. monday is the submission of multimedia based entertainment but i’m still quarter-way in scripting it’s engine. i’m doing a typing game so later when i finish script the engine i will explain more. faiz tell me one thing that do interest me.

Engage with Flash

how amazingly people use flash for other tools in our life while i’m still like a frog sit below the coconut shell ” direct translation = katak bawah tempurung ” since like traffic jams, Global Positioning System GPS, interactive TV and so on are using flash as thier platform. the interface is simply amazing and very helpful while maintaining low data transfer. not to forget they does not lag the tools. 😛 btw since they [ United States ] are using a higher barebone speed of internet [ maybe terabyte oledi ? ] so i wonder can those application running on our country smoothly like them ? malaysia barebone speed if i’m not mistaken is just 1ogb and japan is 60gb already. the difference is very wide clear. even some of streamyx users comments that they do experience lag.

put the lag problem aside since this is third world country. so bare with it. just wait.

ok.. done for it. this flash things just fired me up to do fast my assignments. gotta go. drink awakening potion (AP) + concentrating potion(CP) + berserk potion(BP). the attribute is

AP = can stay up more longer 35% than usual,

CP = concentrate 5x than normal so it speed up production

BP = all reflexes, hand, legs brain and eyes enhanced 10x so i can sit for long time oing works infront of pc

work work = macam peon dalam warcraft

Mar 2006
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3 Responses to : Engage with Flash

  1. Paul Ooi says:

    We all are peon wut :)

  2. e_oneexsamten says:

    now this is scary.. i’m just starting to write a blog today.. and how did u know i connect the article to you? can u tell me.blogs noobs here.. :D:D

  3. I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my blog? Thank you in advance.

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